Mayo Evenflows – Efficient, Durable, Reliable

Our Evenflows are the answer to your increase in harvesting efficiency. Unload trucks quickly at your packing shed and return to the field, to keep your operation in constant motion. This machine allows you to unload trucks into storage or pregrade and reservoir loads for shipping, and is available in capacities from 600 cwt. up to 1,000 cwt.

Evenflow 1

With our live hydraulic operation, you have full speed control for gentle handling. The electronic proximity sensor will increase your overall output and keep drops to a minimum. This machine comes with multiple options, including a variety of roost configurations and a tarp cover.

Evenflow 5

We also have our Metering Bins that utilize tilt conveyors to gently receive crop and distribute them throughout the bin. The discharge belt uses a roost for even flow, and is hydraulically driven for variable speed control. Like our standard Evenflow, the portable comes in capacities up to 1000 cwt.


Utilize this machine in your packing shed and with grading lines or seed handling.

Contact our Minnesota location at (218) 773-1234 and (208) 523-6296 for our Idaho location to discuss this machine, get a quote, or learn about our other machines available. You can also visit our website for more information about this and our entire line of durable equipment.