Mayo Loaders – Fast, Accurate, Versatile

Durable Loaders from Mayo Manufacturing.

The durable loaders from Mayo Manufacturing are a great addition to any setup. Whether your needs are for planter filling, piling into storage, loading onto trailers or railcars, or somewhere in between, our complete line of loaders, coupled with our custom build services, are sure to fulfill any of your operation’s specific needs.

Bin Piler – Standard or Continuous

A high-capacity machine, the Mayo Manufacturing Bin Piler, also known as a Truck Loader, has two configurations: The standard configuration features two belts, while the continuous features one. Complete with a boom that extends 50′, this multifaceted, workhorse machine is perfect for piling into storage or loading out onto semi trailers. Our Bin Piler options include a wireless remote control, variable speeds with load sensor, and belt or chain elevator section.

Semi Truck Loader

Semi Truck Loaders are custom-designed and built for each grower’s facility to load trailers fast and accurately, with the ability to be portable or built into the building. Available as dock-level, wheel-driven units or self-supporting boom style machines, they can be straight or telescoping. The Mayo Semi Truck Loaders provide a dedicated, simple method of easily loading semi vans.

Mayo Manufacturing Semi Truck Loaders

Railcar Loader

Utilizing a three-stage telescoping boom that swings 180°, the Railcar Loader from Mayo Manufacturing is built to fill any size of railcar. This durable piece of equipment features a hydraulic wheel drive and steer, as well as a side feed conveyor to allow for quick positioning and travel in and out of cars, for fast filling regardless of railcar size. Available in full height or dock-level, additional options for our Railcar Loader include a wireless remote control and feed conveyors.

Mayo Manufacturing Railcar Loaders.

Telescoping Loader

The Mayo Telescoping Loader is a multi-purpose machine with a variety of uses, from truck loading and transloading to high-capacity planter filling and short-term piling into storage. A telescoping boom that swings 180° and an optional wireless remote control which make this an incredibly versatile machine sure to enhance your operation.

For more information about our loaders, visit our website or contact our Minnesota location at (218) 773-1234 or our Idaho location at (208) 523-6296 to discuss these machines, get a quote, or learn about our other available durable equipment.