Mayo Packing Shed – Modern Technology for Today’s Farmer

From seed to ground and harvest to delivery, your operation deserves the best equipment available to ensure your customer gets the highest-quality product you can produce. Whether you are looking to complete, upgrade, remodel, or start a packing shed, our comprehensive line of equipment will have your operation running at peak efficiency with minimal damage or loss of crop. Continue reading to see the variety of packing shed pieces we offer, along with details about each machine.

Washer Polisher  – Utilizing rotary brushes combined with speed control and elevation control to clean potatoes, our Washer Polisher also includes the options of a presoak Flume Tank for efficient debris removal, and Discharge Conveyors to increase the speed and efficiency of your operation.

Mayo Manufacturing Washer Polisher efficiently cleaning potatoes in packing shed.

Roller Sizer – Each of our Roller Sizers is designed for your specific application, and includes the options of cross and discharge conveyors to increase efficiency. These can be either portable or installed in packing lines, and are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Customizable Mayo Manufacturing Roller Sizer comes available with cross or discharge conveyors.

Tote Bag Filler  – The ideal method for filling tote bags and pallet boxes gently and evenly, with no skinning, this machine is available in single and swivel-style double units.

Mayo Manufacturing Tote Bag Fillers ideal for tote bags and pallet boxes.

Screen Sizer – The wide selection of available lengths and widths makes the Mayo Screen Sizer a great addition to your operation, and it comes as a portable unit or installed in packing lines.

Screen Sizer by Mayo Manufacturing comes as portable unit or installed in packing lines.

Grading Table – These Grading Tables come in an assortment of widths and lengths, with options that include independent rotation control for ease of use, and are available as portable units or installed in packing lines.

Grading table made by Mayo Manufacturing with options including independent rotation control.

Felt Dryer – This machine is extremely durable, utilizing highly absorbent felt wrapped around stainless steel rollers to remove excess moisture.

Durable Mayo Manufacturing Felt Dryer made with absorbent felt wrapped stainless steel rollers.

To discuss all of our options for your packing shed, get a quote, or learn about our other equipment available, contact our Minnesota location at (218) 773-1234, or call (208) 523-6296 to reach our Idaho location. You can also visit our website for more information about these and our entire line of durable equipment.