Skillfully Engineered Washers from Mayo Manufacturing

Effective Washers are a key component of the packing shed line to producing quality potatoes. Here at Mayo Manufacturing, we offer a variety of different washers to meet the needs of any operation. Available both installed in packing lines and as portable units, one of our washers is sure to fit your requirements. Produce a cleaner crop with one of our skillfully engineered washers for a more successful yield.

Washer Polisher – This machine utilizes rotary brushes, combined with speed and elevation control, to more effectively clean fresh-pack potatoes and other vegetables, making it perfect for your operation. Brush and barrel rotation are controlled separately in order to carefully modify how aggressive washing is, resulting in a superior wash and polish. Additional options include presoak Flume Tank and Discharge conveyors.

Carefully controlled independent barrel and brush control from the Washer Polisher resulting in a superior clean.

Brush Washer – Our Brush Wahsers, also known as Bed Washers, are available in a variety of widths as portable units or installed in packing lines. This machine provides aggressive cleaning with powered brush rollers, is ideal for chip or table potatoes, and comes with options such as a presoak section and a tare discharge pump, as well as sponge and PEX brush dryer rollers.

The Mayo Brush Washer or Bed Washer comes in a variety of widths and can be either portable or installed in your packing line.

Barrel Washer – Wash chip and processed potatoes, while saving water and benefiting from better sorting of defects, with our Barrel Washer. It has few moving parts for low maintenance. With both portability and variable speed control, this effective machine includes optional discharge pump and water recirculator.

Save water and benefit from better sorting of your chip and processed potatoes with the Mayo Manufacturing Barrel Washer.

For more information about our washers, visit our website or contact our Minnesota location at (218) 773-1234 or call (208) 523-6296 for our Idaho location to discuss these machines, get a quote, or learn about our other durable equipment available.